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A Guide to Glassfibre Flat Roofing

A properly laid GRP roof will last for at least 30 years with no measurable deterioration. The deck should be of 18mm exterior plywood or sterling floor and be well fixed to the underlying joists. Typically two men can strip, re-deck, laminate and top coat a roof of about 20m2 in one day.  The deck may be a new deck or may be formed over an existing roof.  You should ensure that the new deck is laid to adequate falls in order to allow good drainage, so there is no standing water on the roof after completion.

A Typical Cold Roof Construction..


..A Typical Warm Roof Construction



Once the new deck has been formed RW Mouldings will use the following:

Resin:             3Kg/m2 for 900g glass
Top Coat:            0.5Kg/m2
Glass:             Emulsion bound chopped strand matt.
                        The minimum should be 2 layers of 450gm
Trims:             Will be used to form the edge detail with various preformed edge trims

Once RW Mouldings have prepared the new deck, the work is carried out in the following sequence.

    • Trimming:            Fitting the edge trims.
    • Laminating:          Applying the GRP membrane
    • Top Coating:       Applying the final top coat.


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